Electric, driverless race car with Nomos components

Nomo is pleased to once again contribute to the development of Lund Formula Student's racing car. Now we can see the finished design. We wish the team good luck with continued development and upcoming competitions.


"We have really appreciated your contributions to the organization over the years. The opportunity you give and have given us in the form of providing us with top-class bearings has really contributed to the cars' performance and to the good realization of our designs," writes Ludvig Nilsson, Chassi Dynamics Manager at Lund Formula Student 2022.

This year, Nomo has contributed advanced bearing technology to the driveline. Also our components will be in the car's wheel suspension (all arms that goes from the chassis to the wheels), inside the wheels and in the car's steering system.


LFS is a student organization at Lund University of Technology that annually designs, manufactures and competes with a race car in Formula Student competitions around Europe. Formula Student is the world's largest engineering competition for students and has been active at Lund University since 2006.


In 2022, LFS aims for more races where they will show off their self-developed Driverless technology in a real race, along with making the car faster and lighter.

See the complete design of LFS's electrical vehicle with integrated driverless system

LFS December 2021: "We have finally made it to the end of our design phase of the Lund Formula Student 22 car. To celebrate this we would like to chare our Digital Unveiling.

During this event we will unveil the complete design of our electrical vehicle with integrated driverless system. See render video >>> "